So, this is the long-awaited page for my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island! ACNH is one of my favourite games, and I'm pretty close to having 1,000 hours of playtime in it, which is pretty wild! But I just love being able to spend all day decorating, gardening, catching bugs, and talking to each and every one of my super-cute animal friends!

(While it's officially called "Potato Bay" in-game, I prefer to call my island "Rabbit Paradise". "Potato Bay" was a very stupid name, and unfortunately, as all of us with stupid island names know, you can't change it after deciding on it...)

Rabbit Paradise is a place where lovely dreams come true!!! Every day is a party, and you're always welcome to join! Try on a pink dress, and go for a walk along the flower-lined paths, where you'll see all sorts of magical sights! There's an amusement park, plenty of cute cafes, a smoothie shop, a mermaid-themed beach, and more!
Feel free to speak to the residents of Rabbit Paradise, too; they're all very friendly, and you'll most likely find them hanging out in the neighbourhood area, or walking around the plaza.

The most easy way to "visit" Rabbit Paradise is through a sweet dream, using the dream address below!


(I try to update the dream version of my island twice every month, since I'm always adding to my island!)

Although, you may want to visit it for real! In that case, send me an e-mail, and we can sort a visit to Rabbit Paradise out! Just remember: I live in New Zealand, and I may be asleep IRL when you want to visit. Just, I don't know, look up what time it is is New Zealand beforehand, and plan out a good time for it.

(Although I will not list my E-mail address here, it IS available on my "About Me" page!)

If you have the Paradise Planning DLC, and you'd like to view some of my vacation home designs on HHN, below is my ID for that!


(I'm rather proud of some of my designs! I hope I somewhat ~inspire~ you!)