Okay, so this is where all of the artwork I've done for my stories goes. There's concept art, character designs, ideas for alien species, etc. Almost all of the artwork I do for these stories, I do with just a regular pencil, so I had to take photos of the pages in my sketchbook with my phone for this. Sorry if the image quality is all over the place, but I tried hard to get these image in the highest possible quality without using up all of my website's storage.

The 4 alien species: Clam, Jam, Charm, and Harm (Short for harmony):

earlier diagram (i guess) for charm aliens:

concept art of a harm alien:

the guardians:

concept art of the guardians' palace:

The main character, marshmallow glitter. 3rd image includes drawings of cherry flutters:

marshmallow's parents, poem glitter and joy glitter:

stormy chord and cookie springtime:

the music group "the lighting bugs" (whose outfits are all based off of chiyumi ten's live performance outfits btw!):

angel buttons, owner of angel's cafe:

bubbles, otherwise known as the first clam alien design (2nd image is her with her girlfriend, who doesn't really have a name yet):

portia puddles, and some plans for other cartoon characters:

concept art for chameleon critter, and their final design:

a whole bunch of artwork for different areas and buildings: