i think dreams are really interesting! despite them being a product of your brain blending together completely random ideas, and often injecting things like your worries or joys into the equation, dreams either tend to be a cool source of inspiration for me (flower's abilities in static mosaic first came to me in a dream, for instance) or they can just be fun to talk about because such stories could never be created by a conscious person. it's just cool, and once i found out that making a "dream journal" for your site was a pretty common thing, i did the same! side note: this page has had, like, 3 different themes so far, and the current one is, obviously, deep-sea themed!!

alright! now entering the dream realm......☆

  • 3/6/2024 - Sonic Boom: Rise (And Fall) Of Cyd

    This dream was WEIRD.
    i believe it took place exclusively inside of a video game, one whose setting was an island or coastal town, lots of cliffs, generally near the ocean. the closest thing i can compare the look of this game to is Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric, maybe Darkened Skye if you know how that game looks lol. very blocky architecture, very bland, no houses or buildings. the game was empty, with few NPCs to speak to, probably some very simple music in the background.
    speaking of sonic, though, one of the few NPCs was a weird, 3D Sally Acorn, who moved and looked as though she was just a human in a big costume. that, or she was just mocapped badly. I think I spoke to her, but I don't think she spoke back. I also think Bunny Rabbot was there, too, but I didn't speak to her at all. they were both probably here because I had spent a while working on some digital art of Sally Acorn. (and you can see it on my art page!) i think i finished AOSTH while drawing her, so my brain may have been focusing on sonic cartoons in general.
    another two NPCs were accessible after climbing a tall cliff. they were a child rapunzel (not specifically from the disney film, if anything she looked like the little kids from the film Barbie As Rapunzel), who wore a light pink dress and had her signature blonde hair, about mid-back length, and her evil mother, who looked a lot like a fairytale depiction of a witch - ugly face, unkempt black hair, etc.
    (i'm just realising that the reason these characters may have been here was because the final episode of AOSTH, titled "Sonically Ever After", was all about Sonic being transported to different fairytale worlds and meeting a whole lot of strange characters. huh.)
    so, child rapunzel seemed to be sitting in a cart - maybe a minecart, not sure - and she was very close to the edge of the cliff that i had just climbed up. her evil mother seemed to be kicking the cart, causing it to get closer and closer to the edge. however, i think i was standing right behind the cart, even closer to the edge, so i fell down, then rapunzel fell down.
    that was the end! one of the most bizarre dreams i have ever had, but it didn't feel nearly as strange while it was happening. hmm...

  • 3/5/2024 - Osorezan Stands Tall feat. Serani Poji - Laugh & Peace

    I was sitting in my room, and suddenly I heard the loud sound of a train coming from where a real river would have been (The river exists in real life, the train did not, just so u know!). My family called me downstairs because they were confused and scared, but I acted as though it was a normal occurence, brushing it off when they wanted to walk down the road to see what was happening.
    We did go for a walk anyway. It was then I realised that it was very early in the morning, but it wasn't super dark like it is almost year-round in south westland, so it may have been summer, when it is bright in the mornings. but it was cold, and I may have been wearing my pyjamas. either that, or i had hastily bundled up in some warm clothes before heading out.
    again, my family was pretty serious, but i was not. i went to check our mailbox (after getting confused as to which mailbox was ours, despite there being very few in real life) and i immediately noticed a small japanese magazine inside, one that i had not signed up for. i opened it up, and realised that it had a focus on music, specifically Serani Poji, maybe because she's been more active lately. i then noticed a handwritten note in a white box, which said something like "CHECK OUT [THIS LINK] FOR SOMETHING FUN!!"
    the dream did not see me checking out this website on a computer, rather the magazine had the ability to show me the contents of the website instead. this site had a dull brown background and a bunch of embedded MP3s... of all-new versions of songs from Mojib-Ribbon!! they may have been just covers, but it was obvious that they were officially done in collaboration with Serani Poji in some way, so maybe not? i didn't realise it in the dream, but Serani Poji have almost exclusively worked for SEGA, and NanaOn-Sha and Laugh&Peace worked mainly with games on PlayStation consoles, so I'm not sure how this collaboration could exist in real life.
    since every vocal song in the game seemed to have been covered here, i of course listened to "Osorezan Stands Tall". The new version sounded fairly similar to the original, with a different but equally awkward-sounding vocalist, and much more reverb-y and high quality synth used for the main melody. i'm not sure how to describe it, but the synth sounded just a bit similar to the synth in Strawberry Machine's song "Sweet Cake Song".
    the other song i chose to listen to was "Rubbing Against Love Moji", another favourite of mine. this song sounded very different in the dream, most likely because my brain did not remember what the song really sounded like. the one thing i remember was that the vocals sounded very different to Mojibri's, and they were far more... suggestive???? idk, it was strange.
    i think that was about it! i'm fairly certain that i was becoming more and more conscious near the end of the dream, as i remember actually choosing the two songs. that, or they were the two songs i remembered at the time.

  • 2/20/2023 - more little snippets of dreams!

    i think i was at this weird little market somewhere, most likely indoors. the entire area was purple and a little dark. i was at this rounded table with a translucent top, and i think i was selling stuff. the dream implied i was selling old Littlest Pet Shop toys, and they may have been in this big bin under the table.
    i don't remember much about this dream, but i think i was selling something to someone who was kinda weird and creepy, and they got all hostile, and i felt kinda scared. or something.

    i was at this store, the walls were covered in pretty pink tiles, and there were pink beaded curtains everywhere. don't remember what was being sold there. either nothing happened, or there was a big explosion or shooting or something.

  • 2/4/2024 - Cars: Nuke Edition
    This dream was rather short, or I at least only remember a small amount of stuff that happened in it, but it made me feel the saddest I've ever felt from a dream!
    At first, I was speaking with some unidentified people (a few of whom were implied to be family members of mine) in the upstairs hallway of my house. There was a guy talking about a few Cars (Pixar movie) spin-off games that centred around multiplayer modes. There was Mater: Triumphant Edition, which was something to do with him being in the military, and Mater: Gender-Roles Edition, which saw him taking down only female characters.
    If that wasn't strange enough, a while later another guy got so angry from hearing this guy explain how these games worked that he set a NUKE to destroy our house, and left.

    The next segment of the dream was painfully sad for me, for whatever reason. I was walking around my room with my mum and putting precious things in bags or boxes to bring with us when we left for... somewhere else? I remember asking my mum, "Will our house be gone?" and her not responding.
    That was about it!

    Yeah, I try not to be held down by my material possessions, but I just own TOO MUCH STUFF, and the majority of it is very precious to me. I don't know, it makes me happy to have a beautiful room full of clutter!

  • 1/7/2024 - Toothpaste Electricity Doll
    This dream existed entirely inside this old, dark room. I was with two girls who seemed to be my friends, and it was as if we were searching through somebody's storage for something. But, see, this room was full of old dolls and other toys.
    We picked up a Monster High doll whose whole thing was about electricity. I think her skin was a mix of purple and green with little lightning-bolt patterns in a few places, and she had white hair with stripes of bright red and blue. I don't believe she was named.
    We looked through this cupboard for a long while trying to find her matching outfit, as we found her completely naked. We tipped out a little woven square basket, and I saw a shoe for a doll IRL that I myself have been looking for, like, IRL. I picked it up and promptly placed it in my pocket. We also found the mysterious Monster High doll's pet. (though it seemed to have more LPS proportions, and was very different to the little pet figures that came with Monster High dolls) The pet was greenish-grey, lumpy, and unidentifiable as any real animal. We found a little tag for it with all of its information, and even though it didn't have its species, it did have its name. I forgot what this name was the instant I woke up, but I think it had the word "zap" in it three or four times. These girls and I laughed at it, called it ugly and its name stupid.
    Then we found a bit of card from the back of a box or something that showed our electricity doll in her full outfit... and it was LAME. It was completely in red and blue, which clashed greatly with her skin tone, and had weird clear bits. So these girls and I decided that it wasn't worth looking for this outfit at all, and we just looked around for other things to do. Then one of them spotted a really pretty black dress on a stand that was sitting up higher than the mountain of dolls, and she said,
    "Let's turn it into a shirt."
    While I was quickly surveying just how we could alter the dress to make it into a shirt, and it seemed fairly simple, I said,
    "I'm not sure I see your vision. Can we take it down from there?"

    And that was where the dream ended.

    While most of the other dolls did not stand out to me, I did notice that there was a very large version of the Robecca Steam doll (The steampunk robot girl, she's very cute) who was dressed as a pirate. I looked it up afterwards and no such doll exists, so maybe I'll draw her in that pirate outfit sometime.

  • 12/19/2023 - Trains, Car-Related Anxiety, and Chipper & Sons
    This dream started with my family and I drving to this little train-themed seaside town. The person driving the car was actually a grandmother of mine who is notorious IRL for being sorta self-centred and useless, but after silently driving us to this town she went off and did her own thing and I didn't see her at all for the rest of the dream.
    So, there was a little park area that reminded me of an area in real life, near a lagoon I live KINDA close to. Sorta circular in shape with a large body of water out front, with wooden fences separating the park from the train tracks; I'll draw a little diagran of it to put here:
    It was definitely implied that there was more of an actual town a little further up the road, and I definitely caught glimpses of it, but instead we spent all of our time at the park. This park felt weirdly artificial, like is was a mix between an actual park and a children's playground. It had very disorganised shelves of toys, and I'm pretty sure some of the grass was artificial, too. It didn't feel "uncanny" or "like I was being lied to"; it was just a little playground area. Pretty cute.
    I'm not sure what I was doing there, nor my family, but I think I was helping them with either fixing up or cleaning out their car or boat. I spent most of the time talking to my brother, though, who was tasked with cleaning up the shelves with another boy who seemed maybe a year younger than him. It was implied that you could perhaps roll down a projector screen over the shelves, and (with no projector present) play PC games on it, so I told my brother to play Scott Cawthon's game "Chipper & Sons", but apparently the other boy was "in charge", and my brother told HIM to play "FNAF World" on it. Reason being is that these two games are the only ones I've managed to install on our shared PC in real life (Aside from Sonic R, which similarly rocks because of how jank it is) so they were definitely on my mind. However, this kid didn't do anything and no games were played on this projector.
    I feel like I talked to my brother a bit more about video games or something, before we left to go home. I have genuinely no reason why we drove all this way to this town and were NOT staying to sightsee or shop, but my mother decided that she would drive us home.
    See, the thing is that all throughout this dream the "road" had ALSO been the "train tracks", so trains and cars terrifyingly shared the same space. Maybe it was part of the town's novelty that you'd be able to drive around and see all sorts of decomissioned trains lying about, because I only saw a small amount of them actually move, but that seems like a real safety hazard.
    Throughout this drive home I felt an uncomfortable amount of dread. I tend to feel a bit uneasy when I'm a passenger in certain people's cars, but never my mother's, so it was strange. I kept trying to tell myself that my grandmother was a worse driver than her, and that I hadn't felt bad when she was driving us here.
    We drove past the park area, and upon seeing my brother sitting and talking with a group of boys around his age, my father, (With car windows up,) yelled his name, to no reaction.
    Since we were driving on a stretch of road JUST too winding and narrow to try to turn around, we drove until we reached an area with a bunch of trains, one facing directly toward us, which really scared my mother, causing her to hit the breaks. There were some weirdly-labeled wooden signs all over the place, too.
    It goes a bit hazy from here, but I think we managed to get my brother back. I vividly remember my mother and I walking up a wooden, red conveyor belt that was on one of the trains, me running up it super fast, then tripping and falling off, telling her that it was it was all a joke or a stunt or whatever. I'm really afraid of getting splinters IRL, so I would never do such a thing, but it's kinda funny thinking about a version of me who would.
    The dream ended with my mother thinking about how she might be able to drive a train back home, but she didn't act on this.

    This dream had a pretty pleasant atmosphere, all things considered. The idea of "a cute seaside town, sheltered by huge mountains and full of rusty, broken-down trains" actually seems super fun, and maybe I'll repurpose it in some writing of mine very soon...

  • 12/16/2023 - Tiny Restaurant, and Alternate Universe Neopets CG Movie
    Most of this dream took place in a smal restaurant, and I mean small. I could have sworn it was inside, like, an old bus or something that had been cleared out because the aisle between the booths on the side was so small that you had to walk single-file.
    I was working at this restaurant, and despite its small size it was completely packed. I and another person, as our "uniform", were meant to be wearing an outfit that "looks like something Michael Jackson would wear", but because of dream logic, a pair of light blue shorts over black tights with a black t-shirt counts. I also have no clue why him of all people.
    During this first day, it seemed that a lot of my IRL classmates from school were working there at different positions, some people were cooking, some managing the money. During the second day, however, many of these people seem to have left, presumably to hang out under a bridge, as I was seeing images of bridges.
    In this second day, on top of my outfit, I and everyone else working there had to wear fluffy white leg-warmers made out of faux fur, but the fur was cut so badly that there was a long chunk of it dragging on the ground when I walked. The manager of the place took me and the three other employees that were left into a little back room and we all sat around a table.
    It turns out that we were being tasked with working on some... concept art?? animations?? for an upcoming CG-animated Neopets movie. However, we were working on different versions of artwork for a pet, like how they look sad when you don't feed them, etc. This pet, though, was not a real Neopets character, but one that I had created through this dream.
    From what I remember, this thing was on all-fours, and proportion-wise similar to an Acara, but had dragon-like features like a Scorchio, and a pig-like nose. This creature could only be the colour green, too, and for the movie we were supposedly making, the manager of the restaurant was constantly complaining about how the front of the pet's nose, which was solid green in the original, was now yellow and scaly for the movie redesign.
    What's even more bizarre was that we were all casually talking about Neopets logic and fun facts that were not true in the slightest, but my brain took them as true.

    So here's what happens in this alternate-universe version of Neopets:
    If a pet gets sick, the only way to cure them is to use an item that you can only get randomly, through, like, a daily bonus or something. Without this item, if your pet gets sick they are just considered a lost cause, as your pets can actually die in this version, too.
    You cannot equip ANYTHING to your pets, not even clothes, so the only way to "give them items" is to give them to a fairy instead, which seems to be a replacement for petpets. She seems to just be for storing items, nothing more.
    Due to this made-up pet that my mind created, the idea that pets can only be a set colour may have applied to all pets, though I'm not sure.

    This was about when I woke up from this dream.