❁ My Geocities Bookmarks ❁

A bunch of archived Geocities sites that I've found via Gifcities that I thought were cute!!

Sora no Melody A super cute pixel site!
Cinnamon House A (pretty broken) Cinnamoroll fansite!
Melody Monica A My Melody fansite with a lot of graphics!
Little Trix's Kitty Corner A bunch of Hello Kitty graphics!
Amy's Cottage Legitamately one of the most pretty websites I've ever seen <3
Little Twin Star Lost World A cute Little Twin Stars fansite!
Hello Kitty Animated Gifs More Hello Kitty Graphics...
Love Cinnamoroll Another Cinnamoroll fansite with... Lots of graphics!
Shushu World A site dedicated to hamsters!!
Bonny_Lin A great collection of Sanrio themed graphics, with pages dedicated to some more obscure characters, too.
Twins Dreamland Another cute hamster-themed site, with a weird amount of content, from ringtones and emoticons, to a page with a bunch of pictures of pets!
Khaki's Home A cinnamoroll fan site offering plenty of "meterials"!