cyd's photo album!!!

i luv takin cute lil photos of pretty things. like a lot of things, im not vry good at taking photos, but i hope u like these nonetheless!! there r also pics of the cameras/devices i took these on.

by the way, some of these photos have been edited in some way. just letting u know ^_^

photos taken with my:

Nokia 2660 Flip

this is, like, my main cellphone at the moment, so i take it everywhere i go! that's why there are so many more photos in this category than all the rest.

though the screen resolution (240x320 pixels) tends to make images look pretty strange and warped, and the camera itself isn't all that great, these things also tend to make these photos look faint, unsure, and a lil bit ethereal. idk, that might be a bit of a stretch, but i think it looks kinda nice!

IPhone SE 2020

great camera but why the hell does this thing take 4K photos? THAT'S the reason why we all get notifications all the time about our icloud storage being full! (the photos above of my iphone were taken with my flip-phone. that's why they look so terrible!)

all of these photos (excluding the final one) were taken on foggy winter mornings while i was waiting for the bus. for some reason they all have a lot of visual noise going on (if that's what it's called anyway). not sure why, but i kinda love it!

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LS80

an actually pretty nice camera! not professional by any means, but i was pleasantly surprised when we tried it out!


we found this camera in our attic, and after replacing the batteries, my brother and i went down to the river to take some photos! we noticed that it was last used in 2013! even though it's clearly consumer-grade, it's actually overall not too bad. we may take this camera out somewhere else to take some more photos, since its battery life is also pretty good!

woah there's a picture of me in here! (i'm the one in the pink jacket!)


it's very cute, but i think there was a reason why the people at school wanted to throw this out... i put the Sylvanian Families stickers on it, by the way!

a lil update: i found this camera again! not sure whether it's the brand or the camera model that's called "Perfect-Shot", but it's actually very far from perfect. like, the colours are super off, it's way too dark, and it overall seems very cheaply made. i think i might have had a bit more fun with it if it didnt have a really obscure type of battery that i would need to replace... although, i still think the colour and style of the camera itself is cute!

(the reason why these are all just of stuff in my room is beause the battery life of this mysterious camera is terrible, so it would usually die a few minutes after taking it off the charging cable. also the dates on these are all wrong, so yeah.)

is it obvious that i found this camera in the garbage? because i did.