(Select works, because a lot of the stuff from around this time was garbage!!)


(Again, select works. Most of these were recovered from an old blogspot of mine!)

So here's some exclusive trivia for you! Currently, to make digital art, I use my Wacom Intuos, (connected via a cable because) my yucky Lenovo Chromebook (no longer connects to anything using Bluetooth), and Photopea, a web-based Photoshop clone. Photopea has its issues, and I often encounter a wide range of annoying bugs while using it, but it's one of the only programs that doesn't kill my laptop (Most of the time!) and I've been using it for over a year now. It just works pretty well for the type of art I make!
For a lot of the works from 2022 listed on this page, though, I used IbisPaint X, which was my go-to for a very long time (Though I switched to Photopea because it was far easier to use on a laptop). In addition, I also like to use KidPix or MS Paint from time to time because of the novelty factor, and it's very cute :3