salutations! \(⌒▽⌒) i see that you’ve been floating through (cyber) space for quite some time, and you decided to stop here… would you like something to eat?

in all seriousness, this is my website, “hellokittyminigun”! i know it looks super cute and all, but it was actually made to destroy the incredibly bland modern web standards, and bring back the creativity of the internet, one html tag at a time!!!! ( ` ∇ ´ ) and, y’know, for personal enjoyment lol. but the name kinda fits, right?

HelloKittyMinigun was created on September 10th, 2021, which means it’s over a year old already! To celebrate, i actually baked a birthday cake for it irl! (〃^▽^〃) however, i didn’t take any pictures of it, so this cute lil cake gif will have to do:

Anyway, i hope you have fun here at HelloKittyMinigun! I’ve spent more hours than i probably should have coding this site, and it’s still under construction, but hopefully it’s a somewhat pleasant experience to look through in the state that it’s in right now!

i rlly hope u have a super fun time here!! <3