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I make music, under the name 'cydthezombie ☆'. It's not great, but I do it just because I find it fun! To keep in the old-web spirit I thought I should just make a cute little page where you can freely download my songs as individual MP3 files, as I only upload full albums/EPs to YouTube. Plus, there's quite a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff, and just random facts about songs on each page, since I didn't have anywhere else to put it. I hope you enjoy at least some of the stuff here!!

All of the songs in "Songs To Listen To On Your I-Dog Soft Speaker" and onward are tagged MP3's, so they have their own album art, artist and album name, and a custom title, all included in the file itself - they are ready to be played on your MP3 player of choice!

~ Current Events ~

15.04.2024 - lots of cool music stuff in production right now!! there is also a ~mystery album~ coming out on the 24th that i've been waiting to release for quite a while, but i never had the time.
it's all about the beauty of audio compression +* \(^_^)/ *+

~ Rules ~

If you DO scroll down, pick an album, and download any part of it, you MUST have already read these rules. (This is mainly for anyone coming here from my YouTube channel!)

  1. Please contact me if you would like to use my music in something like a video. YouTube videos are okay, anything else (ESPECIALLY TikTok videos) are not allowed. You can e-mail me, send me a message on my Neocities profile, even say something in my guestbook if you want. Although I don't have copyright over my music, since copyright kinda sucks, just be a decent person and ask beforehand if the person who made the music is okay with you using it.
  2. If you use my music in anything, even if you have my permission, please credit me with the name I go by (cydthezombie ☆), my YouTube handle (@cydthezombie), or a link to my YouTube channel or website. This is a REQUIREMENT.
  3. For covers of my songs, asking me beforehand is not a requirement, but if you'd like, just send me a message (using the methods above) that you are making a cover. I can send you the direct link to the final Beepbox (Or Beepbox mod) page for whatever song you'd like, so you can copy over melodies or instruments or whatever! Just credit me.
  4. If you notice that somebody HAS used my music in something without asking me beforehand or crediting me, then please tell me about it, maybe message the person who has used it, telling them to remove it. Thank you.

~ Album Selection ~

(You can download full albums as ZIP files, which include all of the tracks as separate MP3 files, or click "Audio" to open an individual track in a new tab, where you can then click on the audio player's options and select "Download" (Does not work on mobile). Downloads may take a while.)

All artwork for album/EP covers is done by cydthezombie ☆.


All music made by cydthezombie ☆ using Beepbox, Jummbox, Pandora's Box (Stable Version), Ultrabox or Pandora's Box (Sample Version) (R.I.P.)