welcome 2 HelloKittyMinigun!! plz enjoy ur stay here! ~~~ thank u all for 200 followers!!! it means a lot that so many people like my website!♡ ~~~ see an image that i used and really love it? be sure to check out my graphics page for more graphics, or my resources page for credits! ~~~ have a request for "Song Of The Week"? be sure to send me a message containing the name of the song and the artist, on my Neocities profile! requests r always open!! ~~~ my new game, Static Mosaic, is now available to play! (though it certainly isn't finished yet!!) ~~~ my latest album (and probably best!) "mid-2020's super future panic-c-c!!!!!" is now available for listening & downloading on my "MUSIC DOWNLOADS" page!! it's been in the works for a few months now, and i think it's pretty great!!! ~~~ be sure 2 sign my lovely guestbook!! i rlly appreciate any nice messages i get :D

Updates!! (A lot r outdated and don't apply anymore lol!)

12/4/23 - made a page for my Sonic Forces OCs, and one for my writing. i'm experiencing Hazel Nuts Chocolate/Love And Hates brainrot right now so I updated the lyrics page with a few songs from HNC's album "CULT". the school holidays have begun as well, so get excited for more cool stuffz very soon!!

4/3/23 - swapped the digital art page from thumbnails that open in different tabs, to full images that do the same. added a lot of old art from 2022 to the art page, too (but it's all pretty bad). made picmix gifs for all of my shrines, they're very cute. started working on a page for my writing pieces, though I seldom ever finish my stories, so there won't be much there for a while...

12/1/23 - sorry i keep neglecting this little box!!! i havent rlly been updating much anyway, been working on a lot of music n art instead. i think Static Mosaic will have to go on hiatus for a bit, though it will be back eventually! i'm working on another writing project that requires a lot of attention, and i don't really have much inspiration for Static Mosaic at this time. i will share this other project on my site when (or if!) i finish it, though!
also, i did a new illustration for the index page! felt like i was copying Drop 'N Spin Dash a little too much with the Sonic The Screensaver art, and i've been on a drawing frenzy lately anyway. but darn are umbrellas difficult to draw!

22/9/23 - created my own media log page, out of frustration with actual media-logging websites (there's not enough privacy!). also did some adjustments to the diary page, implementing a way to quickly jump from entry to entry!! i wrote a new poem after quite a while, too.

15/9/23 - made "Minyo Minyo Power!", the best (and probably only) Kidorikko fansite!! check it out whenever u can :)

12/9/23 - finished a page that's all about my ACNH island, and how to visit it!! its super cute <3

17/8/23 - added a new spot on my "photos" page for some shots my brother and i took with a Panasonic DMC-LS80 we found in the attic! i like camera model names... do they even mean anything? also, i made a new art page (still containing all my old art, so no need to worry about that!), and a few more lil pages. might do a big cleanup of my site and delete some pages that i havent updated in ages... maybe next month, as a "Spring clean"? hehe!

2/7/23 - Apologies for not changing the song of the week in such a while! I decided to make a comeback with a song from one of my new favourite games: Tempo for the 32X! Speaking of Tempo, I've done 2 drawings of him in a row... them and more have been added to my art page :)

27/5/23 - Changed the image on my index page, and changed my Neocities site thumbnail (Thank you @Arandomsite!!). I really did think my site needed more Sonic :) also i remade my Kidorikko shrine for the 3rd time. i might add some lilics (lyrics lol) to it, and probably a list of their albums with links. i will start working on my Sonic CD shrine very soon!!!

25/5/23 - added a "Geocities Bookmarks" page with a bunch of links to cute Geocities pages!! im sure ill add more very soon...

18/5/23 - yay new index page!!!! i thought long and hard about a post that someone had made about index pages containing easy-to-understand disclaimers and not being too overcomplicated (forgot who posted it, sorry!). so i made a new one that's much more simple, and i like it a lot!! :)

2/5/23 - added a lil marquee along the top, changed all of the full images on my art page to just thumbnails (you can click them to view the full image in a new tab!) and remade my graphics page, which has been added to the navigation menu to the left!!
Static Mosaic has also reached 14 pages and 4 character images so far, as well as a dropdown menu on its homepage, where you can resume your progress, or just view a specific page! plus, i've created a "game selection" window that pops up whenever you click "games" on the navigation menu. it provides links to different games of mine (right now it's just Static Mosaic) and a very short description for each one.

9/4/23 - surprise! V2 just dropped!! a few links might be broken, but i made sure to get the most important stuff working. I FINALLY got a guestbook working, which is nice. I'm also working on a game called "Static Mosaic" (There's an animated banner for it to the right!) it's currently a work-in-progress, but i think it's looking pretty good so far. Check it out if you have the time, but there's only, like, 3 pages of it up currently. again, work-in-progress.

2/4/23 - i'm working on a vry simple mobile version of my site!! there's a link to it on the index page, but it looks rlly bad on computers, so make sure to view it on a phone or tablet!

17/3/23 - after making a cute lil illustration for my diary page, ive decided to make lots more! they give my website a lot of character :)

2/3/23 - made a new banner for the homepage!! it's, like, the 4th one i've made, and i think it looks really good!

27/2/23 - also finished my Osorezan 1999 shrine! be sure to check that out, too!!

22/2/23 - finished my Kamikaze Girls shrine! Check it out!

15/2/23 - ive been trying to work with external stylesheets (if that's what they're called lol) and it's working suprising well!

23/1/23 - i'm back.

9/12/22 - got a new background for my homepage for christmas! it's just lil snowflakes but its cute!! i've also been redesigning some other pages, and i think i'm actually excited about working on my website again!

9/10/22 - i changed the cursor! the tails one was cute, but it didn't really fit with the rest of my website that well. did some other little things, too, and I'm slowly working to get all of my mutuals' buttons on my links page.

7/10/22 - made a new about me page! let's see how long this one lasts, haha. updates are coming along slowly, but that's okay.

11/9/22 - i found heaps more poems to add to my poems page!! they're pretty terrible lol

8/9/22 - i finally figured out how to do a glowing border around divs!! \(≧▽≦)/ the bus review page is now live as well!

5/9/22 - changed up my about page a lil bit, making the colours a bit more saturated and setting a cute pink background image for the main divs. i also got a space channel 5 winamp skin that fits the colour scheme surprisingly well. i'll need to put together a new playlist for it though, so for now it is empty.

2/9/22 - i've been working to reposition some stuff on my homepage so that it all looks a bit better on other screens. it kinda sucks because i didnt make a backup of all the code before i began working on it, so i ran into some trouble, but everything's okay now!

22/8/22 - hellokittyminigun reached 100 followers today! woohoo! to celebrate, i made a page for my collection of cute graphics! check it out!

20/8/22 - my tablet's working again, so i decided to make a new banner image! it looks so much better :)

18/8/22 - started fresh and built my own homepage instead of using a template! its still a wip, but ive learnt how to properly position objects, as well, and that's been super helpful!

11/8/22 - Been doing some minor stuff all around my site, mainly my homepage. I sorted out my button collection up the top, and I also found some cute lil dividers to put everywhere. my site's very empty at the moment, though, so ill keep working on it

3/8/22 - Wooo! I've done loads of site renovations recently! I changed up the colours on my homepage, found lots more blinkies and stamps for my about page, i tidied up my graphics collection into somewhat organised folders, and I found out how to (kinda) customise my yesterweb ring widget. I also saw that someone had this thing on their about page called an "e-sheep", so i visited the e-sheep github page and added one to my site, too! I feel like i've learned quite a lot recently and it's really cool!

16/7/22 - Oh my god, I finally did it! ok, so for ages now i've been wanting to put a webamp on my site. yes, i could embed it and add songs, but i could never get skins to work. i was direct linking from and it always resulted in errors happening and skins never showed up, but i uploaded the 2 skins i wanted to use to catbox instead, and now they work! woohoo! and yes, i have separate webamps for both my homepage and my (wip) about me page. i found a shadow the hedgehog one and a klonoa one and i wanted to use both of them.

8/7/22 - Yay! I finally got a custom scrollbar! I was putting it off for a while but i finally did it. yeah yeah, it looks really crappy but i like it! oh, and sorry to any firefox users, i understand that it won't work on your end.

3/7/22 - Decked out my entire website with 3 new fonts: Twinkle Star (for english), hachi maru pop (for japanese) and noto emoji (for emojis)! I've had so much trouble trying to get google fonts, or rather any different fonts, to work on my website because of the way that it's all formatted, so thank you to w3schools' tutorials for helping me out with that! I love finding cute google fonts, but i know that they're hard to find because there are so many boring ones, so send me an email if you'd like a list of really cute looking google fonts for your website, or some help applying them!🍮

27/6/22 - Added a Tails cursor! He's one of my favourite Sonic characters ever so I had to add him to my site in cursor form! Updates are coming pretty slowly, I haven't even begun to work on making shrines or updating more minor pages to fit within an iframe. Eh, I caught a cold and I'm feeling pretty tired, so that's probably why.

24/6/22 - sorry i haven't been writing in this log! I completely forgot it was even here lmao. okay, so i set up almost all of my pages to be iframe-friendly, added a whole bunch of graphics to my home page, and pretty much redid everything to work within an iframe! it's still a bit messy and the iframe won't refresh very easily, but i'm working on it. still need to decide which day to change the "song of the week" on, too

9/6/22 - Woooo! I learned a whole lot about iframes today! I'm working on a whole new homepage including them, too.

2/6/22 - I linked my dream diary page as well as my art page on my "more stuff" page! Check out my dream diary, it's Yume Nikki themed and I've written down loads of my past dreams already!

27/5/22 - ALRIGHT! I finally finished working on my links page! Sort of. I still need to put up a whole lot of Neocities buttons for my favourite sites, but the main part of the page is done! I'm so happy right now! :D

25/5/22 - Ok I most certainly did not finish my links page today. I didn't even start. Whatever, I got a whole lotta other stuff done, including a custom 'selected text' colour, and some personality quiz results and xenogender flags on my About Me page! Listening to Cyan Hardcore by Machine girl, alongside Kidorikko's music for literally the whole day can really help me feel motivated LMAO I totally reccomend you listen to Kidorikko too. It's so good!!

24/5/22 - I made a new website header! I'm not sure about it just yet, but it features much better artwork than the last one. I'm pretty proud of how I rendered the girl's face and hair lol. I also found loads of blinkies to put at the bottom of my about me page, and I put together a huge list of my favourite things to put on that page too! Today's been pretty productive, but I'm still putting off working on my links page, because last time I did, Neocities decided to revert all of my changes X( Eh I'll do it tomorrow.

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